Friday, 4 May 2018

Dar Al Taqwa - Witness Unparalleled Stay with a View of Masjid Al Nabawi

Heading towards the holy and pious city of Madinah is truly a blessing in disguise for true Islamic believers like us that have utmost faith in Allah. We have witnessed several Muslims heading towards the city just to perform the holy act of Hajj and Umrah and get in complete awe of the traditional style Arabic place. Having complete belief in such acts of worship, we also look forward to Madinah and like to stay there for quite a while.

In terms of a perfect resting place, “Dar Al Taqwa Hotel” is grabbed much of our attention all because of its centralised location, unbeatable level of luxury and magnificent looking interior details that sure to catch everyone’s attention at a first glance. Situated right in front of Masjid Al Nabawi what makes this lodging at the top of our list. Plus, monumental stature and artistic view of its building really excite us to be in there and stay for a while. hotel’s interior is fully set up on a mix of modern yet traditional style décor that makes it quite an appealing place. The reception and waiting areas are specifically endowed with state of the architecture, full of majestic chandeliers, carpeted floor and much more.

Talking about guest rooms of “Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah that are more than hundreds in numbers, one can surely witness breath-taking view of holy Mosque and other surroundings. 
What really catches our attention inside room is the way overall setting has been placed with the presence of light coloured hues, natural lighting, carpeted floor, traditional style furniture and contemporary style of amenities. Al Maqwa restaurant situated inside the lobby of hotel is one of the main highlights that serves lip-smacking meals of different genres to satiate hunger at its best. Also, there is tea lounge inside which is meant to serve soothing beverages no matter hot or cold.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Dar Al Taqwa Hotel - An Iconic and Heavenly Molded 5 Star Hotel of Madinah

Madinah Dar Al Taqwa Hotel
Whenever you think of taking a break from daily hustle and bustle of life, either you embark for a leisure vacation, getting into any physical exercises, resort to entertaining activities or indulging self into spiritual essence of God and pay heartiest prayers to the same.

If last mentioned thing to escape boredom in mind, then surely speaking going to Madinah filled you with eternal joy of peace, harmony and tranquility.

Madinah Being a Spiritual Heaven for Muslims

No doubt in the fact that city of Madinah where holy mosque of Prophet Mohammed is a place of highest worship for Muslims living all across the globe. Millions and millions visit the same every single year in search of ultimate peace and blessings from highest Deity.

If you are also planning to embark upon this holy journey, then do make sure that everything falls at the right place. With that means, booking stay for few days in Madinah well in advance.

Experience Unbeatable Level of Luxury and Soothing Stay Inside this 5-Star Lodging

In case you are looking for a Madinah 5 star hotel, then the name of Dar Al Taqwa Hotel surely tops the list all because of its rare to find exquisite looking location which is just opposite to Mosque and also due to mesmerizing and monumental building stature it has.

No less than a perfectly looking heaven this hotel is features inside magnificent looking space be it like waiting area, reception, lobby and much more. Discover unmatched and unbeatable level of splendid luxury inside this lodging and its fabulous looking chandeliers, bright lighting, artistic décor and much more.

Simply just 2-minute walking distance away from Masjid Al Nabawi, make your stay goes even more comfortable inside palace like guest rooms. You name it and you find every single set of modern facility inside be it like centralized air condition, tastefully decorated living rooms, cozy bed, sofas, free Wifi, night lamp, breathtaking view of outside surroundings and much more.

Graceful staff inside restaurant area of the hotel makes you feel comfortable and elite guests of the hotel while tasting the pleasure of lip-smacking multi-cuisine meals.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Getting into the Very Level of Coziness Under Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah

Prophet’s Mohammad living place known as Madinah witness the arrival of plethora of pilgrims from all across the globe as some of them look for an accommodation which is simply unmatched in comfort, style, luxury and location. In relation to this, nothing comes into comparison with Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah, which is best known for its opulence, monumental space, eye-tempting décor and of course contemporary set of facilities.

Dar Al Taqwa Hotel in Madinah
Dar Al Taqwa Hotel in Madinah
Situated ideally just 2-minute walking distance away from Holy Mosque, staying inside this property means having an easy access to the doors of highest deity and other tourist places around.

Feel completely relaxed and spend leisure time of the lifetime inside spacious and fully-furnished rooms with each unit offers awe-inspiring decorative and spacious element inside. Several unites comes packed with a separate dining as well as kitchen area to feel the comfort to a whole new level.

No matter if you stay inside Business Suite, Presidential Suite, Ameri Suite, Executive Suite or even in Royal Suite, Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah the pleasure will be unbeatable and nothing as compared to your previous stay at any other location.

Courteous staff welcome guests inside spacious and completely furnished dining area to taste sumptuous pleasure of multi-cuisine dishes.

Dar Al Taqwa - Witness Unparalleled Stay with a View of Masjid Al Nabawi

Heading towards the holy and pious city of Madinah is truly a blessing in disguise for true Islamic believers like us that have utmost ...